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Thinking About Applying?

You can learn about the program under the About HCV Program, How to Apply and Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants.

Applications are available on the FORMS page. All applications must be completed in its entirety and returned in person to either our main office in Carroll, IA or to one of the local WIC Clinics (by appointment). Call our office for locations and appointments.

*All applications MUST be returned in person

*All household members 18+ MUST appear in person to sign additional paperwork

*All social security cards and birth certificates must be provided for all members of the household at the time of application (or documentation stating the documents have been ordered from the appropriate sources)

*All adults 18+ must provide an unexpired valid government issued photo ID.

**An application will not be considered complete unless ALL of the above requirements are met. Our office will not accept the application unless all requirements are completed. Applications will not be accepted by mail, fax, email, etc.

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