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I've Been Approved for the Program, Now What?

So, you've been approved for the program, attended the briefing and have your voucher. The next step is to find a place to live, meet with the landlord, see the place and if you have decided that is where you want to live for the next 12 months have the landlord help you complete the Request for Tenancy Approval form (from your briefing packet or on the FORMS Page). Return this form to our office and we will see if the unit you have picked will work with your individual financial situation. If it does, the inspector will schedule a time to visit the unit and the process for rental assistance will continue...

I'm Already Receiving Assistance but have Questions... 

There are many responsibilities you have to help us run a sufficient, sustainable program. Many of the responsibilities are outlined on the Family Obligations form that you signed when you first leased up and sign annually to renew your contract. There is also more information in the briefing packet you received during the briefing and a Frequently Asked Questions section for participants on our website.

If you have changes in your income, who's living in your house, or just wonder if you need to report something, contact us ASAP so we can help you. You are responsible to report all changes to our office in a timely manner. Repayments will and do happen if you fail to report changes on time.


YOU are responsible to make sure that we are using the most accurate, up-to-date information when calculating your rental assistance.

If you are looking for forms to report changes or complete your annual renewal, check out the FORMS page.

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