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Frequently Asked Questions for Participants

What are the responsibilities of the tenant?

     You as the tenant have many responsibilities as outlined in the Housing Assistance Payments Contract (HAP Contract) and Tenancy Addendum. These responsibilities have also been highlighted in your briefing packet and on the Family Obligations form you have signed. Your responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

     - Report any changes in income amounts or sources, family composition, childcare costs and medical

       expenses. Changes must be reported within 10 business days to avoid consequences.

       *CHANGES MUST BE REPORTED USING A CHANGE FORM and proper documentation provided.

     - RHA and your Landlord must approve anyone moving into your household.

     - Notify RHA in writing at least 30 days before you move out of your assisted unit. We can provide an 

        Intent to Vacate form for your convenience.

     - Notify RHA if you are absent from your unit for more than 14 days.

     - All utilities the family is responsible for MUST NOT be disconnected at any time.

     - Must provide all documentation requested by RHA or HUD and cooperate with all inspections.

     - You are not allowed to have anyone stay in your unit more than 14 days in a 1 year period.

     - You must not repeatedly violate your lease.

     - You must not engage in criminal, alcohol, or drug related activities. 

     - You must not default on any repayment agreement with the housing authority.

If you have other questions that were not answered, please review the FAQs asked by Applicants, FAQs asked by Landlords, or call our office directly and ask our staff your unique question.

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