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Frequently Asked Questions about Applying:

What is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program / How does it work?

     RGN XII RHA subsidizes part of the eligible participant's rent to the landlord making the housing affordable for the resident. Housing Choice Voucher properties are owned and managed by private landlords who are willing to participate in the Voucher program. It is the responsibility of the participant to find suitable housing for their needs.

Are there income guidelines my income needs to be below for me to qualify for housing?

     Yes, applicants must be considered very low income in order to qualify. HUD updates the income guidelines annually. Contact our office directly if you have questions about qualifying for assistance.

Do you have Emergency Housing or Assistance?

     No, our program is setup to be strictly a first come, first serve assistance. We strongly encourage you to apply if you feel our program can help you but your application will be placed onto our Waiting list until it comes to the top of the list.


I am homeless, soon to be evicted, a veteran, lost my job, etc...How can your Agency help me?  

     Unfortunately for most life scenarios, our answer will be the same...we do not have funding for immediate/emergency need. We strongly encourage you to apply for assistance. The sooner you get your application onto our Waiting List the sooner we may be able to help you. Feel free to call our office directly to discuss briefly if we can help.

Where can I use my voucher?

     Your HCV voucher can be used anywhere within our 9 county jurisdiction (Ida (south of Hwy 20), Sac, Crawford, Carroll, Greene, Harrison, Shelby, Audubon and Guthrie Counties). We suggest you find an Iowa map and locate these counties to learn more about the cities and towns this includes.

     If you meet certain conditions, you may be eligible to transfer your rental assistance to another city or state. This is known as portability. Contact our office directly to learn more if you are interested in this option.

Do I have to be a resident of your jurisdiction to be assisted?

     No, you do not need to currently live within our jurisdiction to apply for assistance. But you will need to move to our jurisdiction if you are not currently living here if you want to use your voucher.

Is the Waiting List currently open?

     Yes, our waiting list is currently open. The wait time changes based on number of applicants and funding availability.

Who can I contact to check on the status of my application?

     If you have turned in a complete application in person, you can contact our office directly by phone to inquiry about the status. We suggest that you wait at least two weeks for us to process the application before you inquire about the status.

What is the current wait time before you will review my application for eligibility?

     When you turn in your application for assistance, you may ask us about how long the wait will be. This is just a guestimate, meaning the wait time may be shorter or longer, please be patient. The wait time is dependent on many factors, including how many other applicants have applied and how much funding we have available. 

I have found a place to live and the landlord agrees to participant in the HCV Program. Can I get a voucher now? Will you help pay for back rent or deposits?

     No, you must first apply for assistance, wait your turn until we determine you are eligible for the program,  and find suitable housing approved through our office before we will subsidize your rent. Our payments will not start until a new contract has been signed between you, the landlord and our office. 

     If you want to live in a new place you found or are already in a unit that you want to stay at but behind on rent, it is your responsibility to pay the full rent until a contract has been signed with our office. After the contract is signed you are still responsible to pay any past due rent to the landlord and to pay your current monthly portion directly to the landlord. We will pay our portion of the rent on behalf of you directly to your landlord at the beginning of each month. 

     You are fully responsible for any and all required deposits.

How much rent will I pay after I am approved for the HCV program?

     Everyone's situation is different but you can plan to pay at least 30%, but not more than 40%, of your monthly adjusted income in the first year of your lease.

If you have other questions that were not answered, please review the FAQs asked by Participants, FAQs asked by Landlords, or call our office directly and ask our staff your unique question.

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